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The other day one of my best friends and myself were having a talk. It was on my grossest post ever. I told her that the post could be gross, but what it said was true. She did not believe me. She couldn’t believe that almost all men were like that! Wow! I had thought girls always knew it. And here she was, not convinced at all. I asked her to get me a single man who confesses that he is not inclined to notice a lady’s boobs when he first sees the lady. I am sure she will never be able to find a man like that. Because that, after all, makes a man, a man.

The point of this post is something else. Here I want to tell that it’s not a dirty thing to do as long it’s not done in a dirty fashion. Civilization has tamed us to behave. Over the years, men have become used to hiding their desires and basic instincts and putting up a show. They call it the gentleman show. That doesn’t change the basic nature of men, but it does ensure that when with a woman, they make her comfortable about herself and her body.

I was glad to see a similar thing in this movie called Life in a Metro. A lady and a man meet over a cup of coffee after setting up date through some matrimony site. During the conversation, the lady’s dupatta slips down and the guy’s eyes, in the most natural way get hooked to her cleavage. And she rejects the guy because she thinks it is a cheap thing for him to do.

Later in the same movie, these two people meet a couple of times and become good friends. The guy had finally found a girl to marry while this lady was still going single. One day, he asked her why she had rejected him. ‘Tum galat time pe galat jagah dekh rahe they‘, pat came the reply. When he got to know the reason, he was totally shocked! He tried to explain her that any man will do that. And that was so true!

Finally these folks ended up together when the girl understood that it was a stupid reason to have rejected an otherwise loving guy.

And as they say, the end.

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ROTFL max.

I accept about the grossness of the earlier post. 🙂 A long train journey has ill effects. 😛 (oops, sick effects)

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