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Sixplay at High Time

Never mind the weird name of the post and if you think you cracked the funda already (you really can’t do that unless you were in the gang), read on the rest of the post anyways to make sure you got it right.

High Time

It is a pub in GRT, Chennai. It has three sections, which occupy three separate floors. The underground is a discotheque mostly for couples (the attendant there used ‘mostly’ :P, not me). The one on the ground floor is ‘open for all’ and the one above it is for ‘mostly families’.

We were six. We were family. Yes, we hit the top floor. The any time fav Tequila shot was followed by another shooter that consisted of a blue colored vodka which tasted more like lemon water. But then, have anything after Tequila and what more do you expect anyways? One Tequila shot (and it’s so bloody small?) eats up .25K while you can always find cheaper vodka shots for less than hundred bucks.

Beer followed. And snacks. With fag in the background all the time of course. The music was nice but appeared as if someone had left a random playlist on winamp running. Nothing more to do that.

High Time is good when you gotta go in a bunch. And when the bunch has not a single girl :P. They don’t really crib about you no wearing shoes or your identity card or about the absence of fairer sex in your group. They are plain simple guys who will let you in, if you are decently dressed and there are tables available. By the way, if you ever go to High Time, you might trip over the funny attire of the male attendants who wait for you at the pub entrance. No, I am not going to describe it. But believe me, they sport a funny gay dress.

The joke of the night

The Tequila shots had arrived. Fundays had been given to those who didn’t know how to go ahead with gulping the drink. It was time to say cheers and do a quick bottoms up. Just then, one says: ‘Guys, let’s just wait for some time’. He probably wanted us to ‘just enjoy’ for sometime, looking at the fluid filled glass.’ And you know what, it made so much of sense then. All of us enjoyed that gap. With the booze right in front of us. Well aware, it would take not more than few seconds to sip it all.

And suddenly, the silence was broken. A voice came: ‘THIS is called foreplay’.

‘Sixplay’ πŸ˜› (you can always guess who put this one word PJ. πŸ˜› )

10 replies on “Sixplay at High Time”

@Boozer 1

That was trippy maX! πŸ˜› But believe me when I say that it was the first idea that came to my mind when I was asked to design a Tshirt for the Civil Eng Dep! πŸ˜› In fact, at one point of time when I was in my second year, I thought I would write that on a Tee and roam around in the Department! πŸ˜›

Nice Place HighTime. And pretty friendly waiters. Once, I had naively ordered a shooter called “Adios MF”. The waiter gets it to the table and shouts “Mother Fucker!”

@Full of life

πŸ™‚ The dress is GAY πŸ˜›


Lolz! Yeah the waiters there were very humble.


πŸ˜› And who ate them? πŸ˜›

If Ò€œCivil Engineering is responsible for all man-made erectionsÒ€ then what about the girls? πŸ˜› Aren’t we leaving them out?? πŸ˜‰

Hey, thanks for the friendship day wishes Amrit and same to you πŸ™‚

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