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Guys, gays, trains and the connection

The words written below were scribbled while Vatsap was still in train few hours ago:

What makes a guy a guy? A guy is a guy if the first thing that he notices in a girl are her boobs. To me this is a genetic characteristic of a man. And before I break the heart of any gay reader of my blog (if any), when I say a man or a guy, I mean a regular straight person. Gay people are men (if cock is all one needs to be classified as a man) but they belong to a category which has not clearly been defined by the society. Birth determines the sex but that’s all about it.

The society defined man and woman and then assumed that those born with cocks should be men and those born with cunts should be women. The society never bothered much about those who lacked either of these organs. More so, it almost totally ignored those who though were born with a known sex, found it stupid to clinge to society’s definition of the way they should live. And the fact that they were ignored (and still are) was that they were very few in numbers.

Ah, I had no intentions of drifting in the direction in which I landed myself upon in the above lines. So, let me make a quick switch off. Let me talk about trains. This coach moves continuously as I type in these letters. And it is excess of sleep during the day that has pushed me to pull out my sleeping Dellruba from the bag and convert the signals being generated in the brain to words that can be typed, read and appreciated (or disliked) by those who bother to come to

Train. It moves. From A to B. From B to C. And on and on. It stops too. At known locations. They call them platforms. It stops so that passengers can board in and leave it. The train.

There have been movies. And stories. And poems. And I am sure, blog posts. Most of us have used train at some point of time. Does a train mean anything more than a vehicle which can move and carry passengers?

Yes. A train connects. As it moves from A to B it connects them. I rememberer my school days when History was a part of the curriculum. I remember reading about the British Raj when trains where introduced for the first time in India and how they helped in connecting people all across the country.

But if train was about physical connection, the whole meaning of ‘connect’ has evolved in today’s world. Connection is more about mental connection and for most of us it happens on phone and internet.

Sometimes it is cool to drift from one topic to another. Sometimes it’s cool to flow freely. 🙂

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