The Call me post

Tried my best to put some posts before leaving home but could not do that. Blame the rains. And blame the fact that there is not net connection at house.

This post is being put for those who think Vatsap deserves a call in few hours. This is the number: 9304716252

I gotta catch the same train tomorrow that I took on my last trip from home (I am sure you remember what had happened the last time). But Vatsap has learnt his lesson. This time I have booked my ticket from Howrah to Chennai in that train itself whose general compartment had entertained me for two days, when I had to board it after missing the train that was supposed to take me to Bang.

This means if you forget to call me up before 8 in the morning tomorrow, you might not be able to get in touch with me mostly. Not a big deal!

The convocation ceremony for the passing outs is on 27th in IIT Madras and that’s exactly when I reach there. Next post from 345 Narmad (that’s my den in the jungle 😛 ).

Update: Thanks a tonne to all those who called. Thanks even to those who emailed. Love you all

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