Something or another happens when I travel! This time the glass broke. I don’t know what hit the bus. It was a volvo bus that was supposed to bring me to Hyd from Bang. I don’t even know if something hit it, but the front window glass crashed off totally. The ten hours journey got delayed by an hour as the driver and the conductor helped clean up the glass pieces. This happened within three hourse of leaving Bang and so there was no Ac working after that! But the cool wind that kept blowing through the completely open bus front kept it cool. Was weird for sure. 

How did you find Hyd? 

Hyderabad is nowhere as cool as any metro (that includes Chennai) and definitely way below Bangalore. Alright the weather here is better than that of Chennai but then that’s about it. The roads are not so well maintained and the streets are dirty. The dressing sense of the ‘masses’ has a country like appeal to it. The city projects a poor look, wherever you go. I will be putting up some videos that I shot soon.

Met someone special today and that made my day. I know she doesn’t bother to read my posts but in case she is reading this, ‘thank you for the wonderful afternoon’.

What’s up at home? 

Inifinite people suddenly poured in here in Hyd. Think of this. Before I was here, the house had my uncle (I have an uncle everywhere :P), aunt, their kid who studies in second standard and my bro.

Add to the above count following more: Uncle and aunt from Bang (the guys who cooked chicken biryani), his bro who came from Mumbai and their dad and mom. And me of course. And sis should be coming in some time. Heh! Keep counting! 🙂

Should be leaving for home tomorrow. Hope the two days train journey is peaceful. Happy journeying to me. 🙂

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Its cool that you make it a point to meet ur people… It has been 10 yrs since I met one of my cousins 🙁

“… if the bus that leaves Bangalore tonight doesn’t overturn.”
I read this sentence and I knew something was gonna go wrong (call me superstitious if u wanna).. And I kept praying.. Thank God it dint really overturn.. 😐
“Hope the two days train journey is peaceful.”
May God bless you. 🙂


It’s fun to keep visiting new places! 🙂


I agree! 😛


So sweet of you to pray for me. 🙂


I know it now. 🙂


LOL! Totally agree with that!



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