events snaps

RTFF on camera


  1. Hrish – who organized it all
  2. Vatsap – who enjoyed it all
  3. Kisku’s only batchmate who stayed the entire night, and gave me nice company
  4. Mikhail – they guy who owned the house and offered it for the occasion
  5. Mrinal – the DTDC guy who offered me fag and lift (and it seems he got the projector too)
  6. Vinay- I guess he got the DVD player, DVD’s and other equipments?
  7. Pawan – the independent film-maker who screened his short films
  8. Lavanya– the girl whose camera was used to click this pic
  9. Thej– the guy who took this pic

2 replies on “RTFF on camera”

Cheers to Vatsap – who enjoyed it all ( and blogged it all.. for us poor souls who din have the opportunity ) !!! 🙂

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