RTFF rocked

This Saturday night was definitely the best night so far in Bangalore. So what if it wasn’t exactly on a roof top :P! All of us who attended this interesting and unique fest enjoyed for sure.

Describe yesterday

A very nice house surrounded by trees. A little more than forty young guys (and gals, and some good looking gals). A wonderfully spacious hall which could accommodate everyone. A nice screen, a working projector and a DVD player. Effective speakers. Beer. Free beer. Free fag (for some :P). Free snacks (again for some :P). Free pizza (for everyone). Screening of digital movies shot on mini DV cameras by Vatsa (no, not me) and friends, Sudhish and Pawan yet another guy whose name I can’t recall (can somebody who was there yesterday please remind me of the dude’s name who made that movie which showed that the Director was blind?). Screening of a digital movie on IIT life shot on a DV camera (made by Rabi Kisku who is two years senior to me). Screening of many more out of the league movies. Talking to people I had never met before about my work at PWC, during the short breaks. Explaining to Mrinal, the General Manager of DTDC Bangalore, who gave me a lift while coming back, why I, an IITian, didn’t want to go abroad immediately after passing out. Listening to him speak about his philosophy on living abroad and living in India.

Evening seven to morning seven (so what if I was a li’l late and missed the beginning of this movie called ‘That four letter word‘ and so what if I dozed off a little after two :P).

Describe yesterday in a word


How could you enjoy so much with complete strangers?

I guess what helped me really get into a great mood was the fact that Kisku and his batch-mates had come. Kisku and I have known each other since quite some time and I still remember the day when he took me to a chicken and beer treat in Chennai a year back. I had made two posters for his movie, Silicon Jungle quite some time back. Yesterday, I was happy to see my name pop up on the screen, as the credits for the movie rolled in. And I don’t know why, but I liked the movie more the second time (I had seen the premiere show screened earlier in insti).

During that particular movie, I quizzed Kisku ‘How many times have you watched your own movie?
‘Hazzaro Laakhon baar’, he replied, ‘and I am watching this movie again only after an year!‘ πŸ™‚

It was fun to comment on the movies as and when they ended. It was funnier to listen to others commenting. It would have been great had more guys participated in the discussions that Hrish tried managing to the best of his abilities. Hrish, if you are reading this, I congratulate you on the cool job man!

Why should one attend such events?

I can tell you what I gain from being a part of these happenings. I have started picking up skills on cracking conversations with random people in social gatherings where most of them don’t know anyone else and are always willing to talk a li’l about what they do and to listen to you talking about what you do.

These gatherings are very apt for students because they don’t have to shell out too much of cash for anything. You can dress up like anything you want to and drop down. At at the end of it, your world becomes slightly wider. It is a nice thing to happen.

Moreover, this event in particular has inspired me to make a movie myself. A short film shall be coming up soon if the enthu lasts! So wish me all the best!

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Ideally by 15th, but thanks to Suraksha – our free script writer, who has screwed up our script, I am guessing it will be up by last week of this month….


Thanks. How about a movie on the life of a Princess? πŸ˜›


All the best with it. I don’t have to ask you to let me know about it when you are done, coz it will anyways be declared on your site I guess! πŸ™‚

Best of luck for your movie. Dying to work for you Ò€¦ I will do ANYTHING (YES ANYTHING !) to be a part of this movie …

I missed it πŸ™
If there was a possibility you should have given me a call… πŸ™


Thanks. And you already are a part of the movie. Mostly it should be a short film of not more than 15 minutes.


You missed it. And dude, don’t tell me. You told me the other day when we were chatting that you had already got new plans for that Saturday night, didn’t you?

hey… we can pull off the “sounds of the sea” (/”do you sea”) in 15 mins peacefully…
πŸ™‚ wat say ?? story ready ??


With Vatsap around, things are always cool πŸ˜› And with TF around, they are cooler! πŸ˜›


You are welcome!


Thanks. And I will write about it even if I can’t have it off ground πŸ˜›

you guys rocked. next time I will also join.
And one more thing , after so many days I have seen a nice and clean bolg. and specially the tittle is rocking. vatsap? it can be more then 2 meaning. some things logical. πŸ™‚

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