Two Firefox add-ons you must try

1. Speed dial

If you have ever used the latest Opera browser, you must already be aware of speed dial. Inspired by Opera, someone wrote this add-on for firefox which serves the exact same purpose. The snapshot shown below should tell you, what speed dial does.

speed dial

You can set up your default new-page to be a page which shows nine smaller pages as shown above. Most of us who don’t want a blank page as a default new-page, end up setting some site (like Google or gmail) as the default page. But it has a problem. Though most of the times, it’s okay, for to show up every time we open a new page, sometimes we really don’t want that to happen. Speed Dial gives you the advantage of nine pages to go through in one go. I guess you get the idea! I found it convenient and cool.

2. Answers

Do you think it would be great if while reading anything online, you come across a word about which you have no clue, and all you have to do to find out what that word means, is to click on the word? It would be a cool thing, right? And here you go, it’s possible. Except that, instead of clicking over any word, you need to do an Alt+Click. Big deal! This is made possible by the Answers add-on. Install it and you will never again have to copy a word and paste it in Google or Dictionary or Wiki to find out what it means. Really cool.

5 replies on “Two Firefox add-ons you must try”

tried the answers add on 🙂
neat stuff 🙂 works on text present on hyperlinks, drop-downs, clickable buttons too…thumbs up for it 🙂

did not work on a word written on an image in the browser though…also, did not work on a flash based site… 🙁 thumbs down for that 🙁


if i knew how to create plugins myself, i would have loved to meet your requirements. till then live with the limitations. 🙂

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