gmail full

Did they say, I would never need to delete any mails? Heh! 😛

Given that, this was the status some time back, anyone willing to track the rate at which my mail box gets loaded (preferably in units of KBPS)? A free coffee treat from me to whoever does that, and shows the calculation.

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I would. But not for a coffee.
Put a mail offering me two pitchers and some chilli potatoe, I will do it. 🙂

hmmm… considering gmail increased the your space from 2858mb to 2872 mb… lets hope he goes on increasing so that you never have to say delete… 🙂

[(2871-2606)mb x 1024] / [(5th july-29th May) days x 24 x 60 x 60] KBPS
= 0.085 kbps (approx)
Now… One Ethiopian Qahwah please…. 🙂 and yes I m jobless…!


Opportunity lost. Better luck next time. 😛


You actually did that!
(me fainting)
EQ for you. For sure.
(me fainted)

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