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Sitting on the Sofa

Something had been missing since a lot of days. Something had been missing ever since I came to Bang. I figured out yesterday, what it was.


I decided I won’t miss it anymore. Sitting on the sofa, I demanded for headphones. My demand went unheard. My eyes sprung into action. Sitting on the sofa, I spotted a pair of headphones. Who owned it, I demanded. A flat-mate who had recently flown from Jaipur, had received the sleek headphone from Kingfisher airlines. He owned it. He didn’t need it. I did. My demand was met. I was a happy man. I was a happy man with ears carrying the weight of the light-weight audio gadget that sent musical waves to the heart, brain and the lever liver. The feet too, because they moved with beats. Sitting on the sofa, I met music and the old love rekindled.

vatsap in goggles and headphones

I am in office right now, but the date continues.

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