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Is Abhishek Bachchan balding?

Though I never ever discussed this on my blog, a Google search for this weird question shows as the first link. I love crazy people who do such crazy searches and land up at my crazy place. The world is crazy. Oh, no wait. I should say this instead: Crazy kiya re! 😛

2 replies on “Is Abhishek Bachchan balding?”

You dont have any work so you are posting such posts. I am more workless than you , so I am reading them and posting comments.

Yes, I have learned to drive. Bought a new RE Bullet 350cc and drove it for about 600 kms in 2 months. (I drive only on Sundays and some time in Saturdays evenings)

Anything else?


It would be fun to be in Delhi next, whenever it is. And it would be funnier to have a babe there so that I can give her a nice ‘ride’. 😛

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