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Remember your school teachers?

Remember them? The guys who taught you English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History, Geography, Computer Science, and what not? And remember, most of them sucked at teaching? But then there were some really good teachers who were loved by the entire class! I am sure that like me, you remember a lot about those days. Those days, when we had to dress up in uniforms; when we were not allowed to grow our hairs long; when we used to sing a million songs in the morning before the classes began, standing in the assembly lines; when we used to share tiffins and discuss about which mam was hot, and which sir was despo for that mam. Oh, school days; I wonder why I am getting nostalgic all of a sudden.

This post could have been about the memories of those past days. It isn’t. What I wonder after so many years is what made those teachers teach at school? I mean, what fun can someone have by teaching Maths to a sixth standard kid, or even a tenth standard kid? How much money do these school teachers get? I am sure much less than what you can earn by doing so many other jobs. And if Mathematics is what interests you, you should go ahead and become a Professor of Mathematics.

But I guess that the answer to this is simple. There are so many schools and not so many colleges. So not every person who likes mathematics can become a professor. He/she will have to be slightly better at the subject than the average guy or he/she will at least have to get certain higher degrees to make sure he/she can crack some college instead of being stuck up in a school. And I guess this explains why most of the teachers back in school sucked. Had they been good enough, they would have moved on! The fact that they were still teaching science and maths and history and geography to small kids proved that they were not good enough.

But ever wonder, what made those special teachers who actually taught extremely well, so special? What was it about them? Were they really good enough? If yes, then what were they doing at school? Why didn’t they move on? I can try to explain this as well. Your knowledge and your teaching style have no correlation. You could be a PhD in Maths, but you still could be a teacher who sucks. Sucks big time. On the other hand, you could just be B.Sc in Chemistry, but you might have the ability to teach sixth standard students the concepts of acids bases and salt in a way they can remember all their lives.

Some people are good at doing certain things, and they are lucky to get into a profession where they end up doing what they are good at. And people love them for what they do.

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I am feeling nostalgic.
thanks for such a gr8 post… I m feeling lucky to have those school teachers…

keep blogging…
cheers !!!

good old days.. will they ever come back… i’m jealous about teachers… they are still enjoying and sharing those school days… 🙂


Ah, the good old days. They will probably come back in a different way later in life when we have kids and we take them to schools. 🙂

Hmm… had a talk about this with one of the most beloved teachers of my HS. Every student who ever had him loved him for his friendliness and the way of teaching. He teaches both at college and school, but prefers school because of the closeness and bond that one can have with school kids, not college kids – that’s how he put it.

I know of several such teachers who teach both at college and HS, and are totally in love with the HS.


I totally agree with you about the closeness and bonding part. School children give much more respect to their teachers. I did tuition myself for a couple of months and it was fun to teach those two kids. Nice comment.

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