Shiv Sena or a bunch of jokers?

They are so fucking predictable! And the government ends up mulling over their stupid proposal to ban Orkut! Pathetic. Insane. Frustrating.

Can’t the jokers see that, out of the sixty odd communities on Orkut, most of them are for Shiv Sena and not against it?

If the “I hate Shiv Sena” community hasn’t yet been banned, do go there and become a member of that community. Though in my opinion, a better name for the community could have been, “I laugh at Shiv Sena”. Because afterall, they are a bunch of bloody jokers. Who else will go and attack cyber-cafes in the city to protest against a stupid community on Orkut, which has less than six hundred members? Bunch of bloody attention seeking jokers!

5 replies on “Shiv Sena or a bunch of jokers?”

i don’t think jokers is the appropriate word. what these assho*es are doing is hardly humorous..its just evil… how can they just go around beating up people?..they really make my blood boil..

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