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All about Podcasting

If you really want to know all about podcasting, you should refer wiki. But for all those lazy folks out there who will never click on any link, podcasting is nothing but video-blogging audio/video blogging.

There is a two days workshop in Chennai called podworks. And if you know me at all, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that I for one cannot miss something like this, especially if it’s in Chennai, extremely close to IIT, is being organized by fellow bloggers and comes for as cheap as 200 bucks. I had participated in the first organizer’s meet (held in Cafe Coffee Day, IIT Madras). I could not follow up because of my internship at Bangalore.

So Bangalore, catch you on Tuesday. Oh yeah, taking off on Monday to catch up with few friends given that I won’t have much time on Sat and Sun. Wish me happy journey because I haven’t booked any ticket (on train or bus). Right now, all I know is that there’s a train which leaves Bangalore at 10:45 PM and reaches Chennai early in the morning. Let’s see.

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