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How was the get-together?

I hate to answer this question. 🙁

And you know why? Because after all the hoopla and hungama and comments on this post, only THREE of us turned up! I don’t understand IIT Madras junta anymore! What happened to you guys? Where were you? Were you fucking bitches all of Saturday night and hence couldn’t get up early enough to reach the decided place by 11 Am on a lazy Sunday morning?  Or even by 12PM? 

 I kept looking at Mojo’s entrance door everytime someone came. The guys who had said they would, never came. Period.

Myself, Czar, and a batchmate of mine who is headed to McKinsey (btw he didn’t post any comment and I am really grateful that he still made it) had a nice time. We boozed, farted, fagged, boozed, had dosa, had sweet-paan and spent some time reading books at Crossword. I don’t know when I had paan last, but this one that I had today totally rocked!

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