Eleven Minutes to Made in Japan

Though I had talked about starting this Paulo Coelho book, I never told you guys, if I finished reading it. Not that it matters to any sane person on this planet, but still, I would like to declare: Yes, I did finish reading it. Long back.

The book was romantic in it’s own way. But nothing too deep came out of it after it was over. I wasn’t expecting anything too deep either. But yeah, this book does make you think more about what love is and much more about what sex could be.

The next book that I picked up was ‘Made in Japan’ by S O N Y co-founder Akio Morita. This was my first attempt at an autobiography and though it was kind of boring when I started off, by the time I crossed sixty pages, things got interesting (I have read only like eighty pages so far). I liked reading the part where Akio talked about the evolution of the S O N Y brand name. Branding has more to it than it appears!

I remember consulting people last year, before shelling out dad’s money to buy a video camera for him. When it comes to buying technical gadgets, dad leaves it on me. So yeah, besides the obvious net search and all, I met this guy called Rabi Kisku who had already passed out from insti that year. When I met him, he was planning to make a movie on IIT life (later realeased as ‘The Silicon Jungle’ for which I ended up designing posters).

Without drifting further from the topic, let me tell you about this whole branding thing. I told him that I had two cameras in mind, with almost similar configurations. One was a JVC cam and the other was a SONY cam (that I now own). He had to help me choose one. I also told him that the JVC cost few thousand rupees less than the SONY one.

He instantly asked me to go for SONY. He explained to me that the entire industry depended on SONY and that from whatever he had personally observed, the quality that one got from SONY was always better than that from other cameras (he confirmed that he had seen the quality of both a Panasonic and a SONY, having the same configuration, and that SONY had been the clear winner).

Kisku made it easy for me to make a choice. And I do not regret that I went for the SONY one. So what if the one that I got has these letters inscribed somewhere, “Made in Thailand” 😛 I heard somewhere that the ‘World is Flat‘, didn’t I?

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