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Saturday kum Scienceday jyaada

What plans for today? Asked uncle on phone.
Nothing much. All my plans are for Sunday.
Let’s go to a Science Museum then. Come over to our place in two hours.

It was a nice Saturday. Or shall I call it a nice Science-day? 😛 This science park in Bangalore is better than the one they have in Chennai. It is bigger and most of the things work. But there’s one area where both are exactly the same. Both of them show the exact same 3D movie! Well, doesn’t really matter much. Because the three of us (Uncle, Aunt and myself) were there not because we loved science or watching 3D movies, but because it was a nice way to pass a weekend without getting bored. More than trying to know how vairous items worked and what they were all about, we were more interested in chilling out, taking pics, and shooting videos. And we did loads of that. Here are some of the pics that you would like to see.

Monkey me
Lights camera action
Glass illusion
earth from moon

The ‘item’ that I liked best about yesterday’s visit was a virtual video game. Saw it for the first time, played it for the first time and really enjoyed it. The youtube video below will show you what the virtual game was (the one in tee is me and the one in kurta is uncle). Though you see me playing volleyball here, I actually wanted to play soccer (not that I am good at any of them).

The day ended perfectly when later the three of us went to a restaurant and fed ourselves with chicken-chilly.

Today is a day to look forward to. The market is beerish today 😛

The IITM get-together in Bangalore! Finally. Today.

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