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Milky Bite

Came across this brilliant ad campaign! Ah, now I know why I grew up without ever being a champion. I never tried “good milk in cartons”. Damn me!
So the bottomline is, it is NOT enough if the milk is good. It also has to be in a carton! Or else you definitely do not stand any chance to qualify as a champion. And what do champions do by the way? Well, if the champion happens to be a school going kid, he empties the carton in the latest shining cup that he won, and then raises the cup a feet above his mouth to spill milk all over his face to show to the world what a champion he is. On the other hand, if the champion happens to be an actress, she sports a fake smile and conducts a survey on the number of ‘good people in world’ who use ‘good milk in cartons’.
On second thought, I guess I would prefer just growing up. I wish the same for the guys who came up with this wonderful ad. Champions, grow up!

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Vetti madar… do some useful work at home da… all u seem to be doing is rolling of blog after blog…
at least roll something else 😛


When did Vetti pseud become Vetti Madar? 😛

And for rolling that something, else, I’ll be there in Chennai next Saturday da! Be there. Ask Bhaju to be there too.

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