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The making of the Civicube

Neelabh wanted to know how he could do the kind of graphic work that I did for the Civicube for folks at his office. Quite a few guys keep asking me to put them photoshop fundays to get them started. Well, on considering Neelabh’s request I thought why not make a video where I teach how to go ahead and create a text cube. After all it’s a very easy job! So here is the video. Have fun.

I hope you guys could follow my instructions. Let me know if I could improve.

PS: In case you want to make such videos yourself, but don’t have a screen recording software, I would recommend CamStudio. It is free and it works.

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I will watch this video at home.. You tube is blocked here..

You could use SnagIt for recording anything from your screen.

Thanks Dude!!

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