Time to try again

Best friends are gone home. Other friends are gone too; most of them. Laptop hasn’t arrived yet; guys@Dell, make it fast ya’. I haven’t taken bath since last three days; tomorrow will be the fourth and I am not too keen to clean myself. My make-up exam is on 15th and I have to kill all the time that I have in between to keep myself sane. I already witnessed fists of madness this sem. I am kind of scared of myself. Why? ‘Coz I’m just too unstable occasionally. My mind flies weirdly in all the directions at the same time. And I am writing all this here in my homepage, telling the world all the crap about me; what’s wrong?

A good news amidst all this gloomy shit: I got my first S in a PMT. S =10/10. A better news: I was the only one in the class to get an S. But even that doesn’t make me smile. What has happened to me?

Remember that post in which I had declared that my laziness had gone somewhere? It returned soon afterwards, almost within the first one month of this sem that has just got over. Some people are okay even if they don’t work hard. I feel bad about it whenever I give it a thought. I want to work hard for something, anything that drives me. But then without the right mood, the stamina cannot last. And I hate every time I get tired; every time I go slow; every time my mood goes on a downswing; and every time I don’t work at all.

Enough. Time to try again.

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