Striking a balance is an art in itself. And I have come to realize off late that until one masters this art, one can’t really be happy. I have been generally happy this sem, bubbling with enthusiasm and being in control of myself almost all the time. Laziness has gone somwhere, and at times I even tend to forget about its existence. I wish it gets lost and never ever returns to me. Laziness sucks! It sucks big time! The good thing is that when you get used to striking a balance between the infinite tasks you keep endulging into, laziness dies a natural death. Look at me if you still don’t agree with this. Laziness was such a parasitic friend of mine. And now, I wonder where it is!

There are at least two more discoveries that I would like to share with you. The first one is that, you derive a lot of positive energy from those who have the capability to make you feel good just by being with you. The second fact is that you end up loosing a lot of positive energy while being with those who don’t feel good for themselves. A selfish thing to do would be to find some of the first mentioned type, feed yourself with all the positive energy that you can, and then start jumping up the orbitals of success. But then I have a question here. Should you really forget that there are so many guys around you, who fall in the second category. Should you avoid them? Or should you instead reach out for them, and make them feel good (of course at the expense of you energy)?

The answer to this depends on how selfish you would like to be. It also depends upon your relationships with the persons of the second type. I believe that, if the relationship is that of friendship, you should definitely go ahead and be there with those who are not so happy. Remember the law of conservation of energy? Though you loose yours, you are passing away at least a part of it to the needy. The only point worth being aware of even while not being selfish is that, in any case you have to find a source of energy which ensures that you don’t end up with a negative content yourself. Am I talking about striking a balance? 🙂

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