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Reached this holy city yesterday morning itself. Happened to roam in the streets only today. What was I doing yesterday?

Dad found a taxi and all of us went for sightseeing to Dehradun and Mussorie. The place that we enjoyed most was the Shahastra Dhara in Dehradoon. It was great to swim in the stepped waterfall. Kempty fall at Musoorie was a li’l dirty and so we abstained ourselves from getting into the water the second time.

More than the particular spots were we stopped, the journey itself was marvellous and heaven like. The weather was perfect throughout with small showers doing regular rounds. We saw hills, and big ones which were green and yellow and blue and shining. And we saw clouds kissing these lovely hills. The view of the valleys as we started climbing up from Dehradoon to Musoorie was awesome. And we did take a lot of pictures and shoot a lot of video. I was sure I could post pictures today since I had brought the camera with me as well as the USB cable. But unfortunately, I left the Sony station in the hotel room itself and without it I cannot connect to the camera and hence can no more upload pictures. Well, better luck next time.

Today, we had bath in the Ganaga river at a ghat called Har ki Pauri here in Haridwar. The current here is very strong and if you don’t hold the chains running along the bank, there’s no way you can stop yourself from flowing away with the current. And the water was deadly cool. But once you are in, you are in, and then the fun begins. Was a wonderful experience.

Will go to Rishikesh probably tomorrow, and then return to Delhi, stay there for two days with relatives and then finally leave for Leh.

Have a nice time! And once again, blogging from cyber-cafes is indeed very painful. At least in India! And it’s costly as usual. And I have no idea why I am I unable to open my site. If you guys can access my site, do leave comments, since I can receive comments in my mail box. Thank you.

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Ah, you bring back old memories.. Our family went on a trip to all those places about 8 years ago.. I still remember the strong current and the chains to hold 🙂

When coming back from Rishikesh to Hardwar, ask for a bus service that goes along the canal; I don’t remember what the canal was named, but the ride is absolutely awesome.. hills and greenery on one side, a huge canal on the other side of a perfect road!!

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