Reporting from Patna

Finally met my family after all these days. Felt good! 🙂 Need I even say that.

Baba and Dadi were the happiest to see the handicam. They loved it! Bro has grown hairs longer than John Abraham, and when I asked him to go have a cut, I was told, he had one yesterday itself!

Dadi has grown li’l thinner, Baba a li’l thicker and rest of them are almost the same.

I leave for Delhi today night!

There are pics that I took at Howrah (videos too) but don’t know when I will get the chance to upload them here. They are all in the handicam and I forgot to get that to this cybercafe. Well, the next time.

This is the first time I am blogging from a cybercafe and I realize its pretty different from doing the same from the comfort of your room or even the library. The fact that I need to pay money for net should be the reason for that. I hope this feeling goes away when I get into some netcafe in Delhi.

Bbye till then, and keep coming back to this place. I will keep updating you on Haridwaar and Leh adventures.

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