And all day today, I kept crashing, and crashing and crashing! Yes, I was avomined.

The last time I had travelled on a moderately long trip with ‘A’, it had been a mess (go through this incidence if you have no idea who ‘A’ is and what trip I am talking about). So when A told yesterday that we might be going to Pondichery today, I wanted to make sure that I was not going to puke again. It’s almost three hours journey to Pondi and the only thing that could save me from repeating the act was Avomine. It’s an antihistamine based medical drug that prevents vomiting and nausea.

I swallowed a pill today morning. And the fun began after that. As I reached the office, I was told that the trip was postponed! Great! Now I was supposed to sit in the office and work on the quality management plan (this is what I have been doing till now, and the trip was related to this itself).

Yeah, so the point is, this Avomine has a very cute side effect. It makes you sleep! 🙂 A side effect that’s not so bad if you are travelling, but so painful, when you have to stay awake and work!

The whole day was ruined. I could do nothing today. Just nothing. I was drowsy full time. The coolness all around made it more difficult to fight the effect caused by the pill. It never let me be awake. With some code book or manual (I kept changing them from time to time), placed in front of me, I kept staring at pages, and kept crashing (mostly with open eyes). So painful! 🙁

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