Dil Chahta hai!

This video was shot by me in my third semester. I had got a very basic 4K digital camera then, the one that I am still using, and had full enthu to shoot anything that I could.

This video covers a small trip made by us from the IIT campus to the nearby beasant nagar beach. We still keep visiting the beach now and then (but I no more shoot, you see! ).

Currents updates:

Anshu (the one in light brown shirt) and Tiwari (the one in dark blue shirt) are in Siliguri, involved in a Tunneling project

Baba (the one in light blue shirt) is working on a Design problem in Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai.

Prasun (orange-white-blue full sleeves Tee) was supposed to be doing his intern in Delhi Metro. I am not at all in touch with him since holz began!

And as usual: missing my friends! (some more too who aren’t there in this video)

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Nopes! May be coz of the quality or something. No idea why, if it does sound so.

By the way the editing was done the same evening that this video was shot.


I was listening to DCH today and realized that you were correct when you said the song sounded different from the original one!

But I didn’t remix it myself. It is another version by Shankar himself. It’s called “dil-chahta-hai-reprise” and its there in all DCH albums along with the regular DCH song!

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