The Sunday that it was!

Loved this Sunday!

A wing-mate cum classmate (K) woke me up at around 11am or so to tell that my best friends who are in Siliguri currently were online and wanted me to login! Great! I did that and enjoyed catching up with them. Bastards; doing their intern in a hill station! Miss them!

I have been telling this so many times already. My intern begins tomorrow! And look at my wardrobe. There’s hardly any formal wear in there. And this was the reason that I decided to go to Spencers today. I also had to choose a camcorder, and Spencers could serve me on that as well. Dad has been insisting since a week to find out a good model and tell him how much does it cost. I had done some research on net already, but then there were so many of them that I’d got completely confused. A better option was to go to the guys who actually sell these stuffs and pain them till death to find out which was the best deal!

K joined me for shopping as he needed to get some clothes himself. His intern is in Delhi and he shall be leaving tomorrow.

The sun was not hard on us today! Late in the afternoon, we set off. I went inside the insti bus and took a seat. K prefers taking lifts. And he soon found a car and fled the scene. I was still sitting in the bus (he had insisted me to join him!). And then I realized that it was actually a good idea to take lift and reach main-gate. And I did that.

I thanked the guy who had given me lift on his bike as I boarded off his vehicle. He had dropped me at IIT out gate. As I looked out of the gate, towards the busy road outside, I saw a bicycle which was running in the wrong direction, collided with a bike which was leaving the IIT out gate. There was this child sitting on the bike’s tank, and she was like so scared, omg! Well, nothing happened to anyone, though I guess the bicycle was definitely deformed. Be careful on roads, they kill!

We had great time at the mall, got clothes for ourselves and I found a perfect camcorder for dad. More on the camcorder, when I actually bring one home!

I am a coffee fanatic, and can do anything for that extra strong black coffee without sugar! I like it more so, because just no one who I know can handle this drink. It really makes me feel so special! These days K has developed a taste for it as well! Good for him. Recently I had decided to try other coffee recipes too whenever I could get a chance. So in Spencers I found Qwicky’s Coffee shop and ordered for myself an espresso while K went for Cafe Mocha (a regular milk based variation)! The last time I was in a coffee shop, I had tried Latte Butterscotch. I certainly do not think that it was worth the fifty bucks that I had paid for it but then it was good enough. Espresso proved to be worse. The only good thing about it was that it came all for fifteen bucks. The quantity however was so less that at first I thought I was supposed to add water or milk to the 90% empty cup myself! And what the fuck was it? I smelled this black liquid and it reminded me of the black coffee that I make for myself. The only difference was that, I add two spoonfuls of coffee powder in a mug full of boiling water, and here they had added two spoonfuls of coffee powder to just another two spoonfuls of not so boiling water (at least this is what it looked like)! Yuck! I tasted it. Yuck again! Yes I had said I like it strong! But cummon, this was shit, alright? K kept laughing throughout as I made faces while trying my best to finish off the odd drink that I had got for myself. Fifteen bucks all for this shit! Yuck again! And again…

I had to have something else. This time both of us went for Granita on my suggestion. Granita just rocks! No, it’s not coffee. It’s an Italian soda based cool drink, and with all the intricately crushed ice, mixed in the royal blue liquid, it just cools you down! And fifty bucks for Granita is definitely worth it! I am thankful to another wing-mate cum classmate of mine, who is in Barcelona currently, for introducing this drink to me very recently.

Well, a pretty long post and a pretty boring one I guess! 🙂 But then, if you are here, reading this, I assume you have some interest in knowing what all I have been doing! And if that’s true, I hope you didn’t have that bad a time, going through this post and peeping into my life!

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i don’t like coffee unless it has LOTS n LOTS n LOTS of sugar in it… the opposite is true for my significant other. don’t know what’s wrong with u ppl.

hmm.. sugar maybe masking the real taste..but the taste that comes with one teaspoon sugar is totally awesome..
and if u’d like to try sometime… put a little drinking chocolate in a cup of nice dark coffee..ecstacy i tell u!!

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