Whats up? Howz life etc…

This is for those who have no idea, where I am (currently) these days, what have I been doing since past few days, and how will I be spending the next few days (or weeks). Anyone who has nothing to do with this, need not read any further.

1. I am in campus (IIT Madras). Yeah I know its been more than three weeks since the vacations began but then yes, I am still here. Why? Well..I was repeating two courses that I had flunked in my fourth sem.

2. You already got to know what I had been doing, right? Attending the summer term classes and mugging and giving exams. One of the courses is already over (grades will be out in a day or two). The other course will be over tomorrow and its end sem is on coming Sunday.

3. Since I have an end sem on Sunday, you already know how I’ll be spending the next few days (mugging and blogging of course). And from Monday, my internship will begin. And that’s in Chennai itself. So that means I am going to stay here in IIT for six more weeks.

Keep coming back to this place.. c ya!

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