“It feld really good that you came to see me off. Bye! Meet you after two months.”

I am not sure if I replied back verbally but I definitely waved a good bye. And she was gone along with two more classmates of mine. Though she had said (and I had believed) that she felt good, I didn’t really feel the same for myself. I was sad. But then, I had never thought about how ‘I’ was going to feel anyways or else I would never had decided to go to the Airport at the first place! It was all about making her feel good and that I had done. At least this gave a sense of joy. A total expenditure of hundred and seventy five ruppees (add ninety ruppees auto fare and twenty five ruppees for a filter coffee to the ’60’ that you can see in the pic, which is nothing but the entry ticket to the airport) for the couple of minutes goodbye session was worth the smile. Meet you after two months! Have a nice time in Spain…

Another close friend of mine who reached Kolkata today called me few minutes back. He is accompanied by yet another close friend and the two of these guys will be staying in Siliguri in the summers. They should reach Siliguri early morning tomorrow. Meet you guys after two months too!

Life without friends around you is just so different and so annoying. Today I know all these people, with whom I love to be with, are going to return after their interns are over. But soon, we all shall be leaving IIT once and for all. The mere thought of it is so damn cruel and depressing!

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That was cool one amrit!! hope she´s gonna reimburse the money u spent to get a smile on her face!!
And thanx for the receipt and dont worry abt the money which u spent on this!! i m gonna reimburse this for sure!! 🙂

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