Chennai Vs. Cochin!

At the end of third year you have to do an internship. I was first assigned L&T Vadodara along with a classmate who happens to reside in the same city. I did not want to go to a city where I had no relative or some close friend. So when all of us were called to finlalize the intern offers, I had in mind to ask the Prof who was in charge of this to see if he could find something else for me. In the meeting, it was told by the Prof himself that some violence had broke out in Vadodara and I could quit if I wished to. Obviously I wished to! Now I even had a proper reason!!

The Prof then asked if I would be interested in going to Cochin Port Trust, Kerala. Naah! I wanted to say, but preferred to remain silent. Then I found a close friend of mine had also been alloted the same place. The two of us can have good time together in Kerala!! With this frame of mind I agreed and finally left the meeting.

It so happened then that ‘the close friend’ got his thing changed to Delhi, and I was left alone! I wrote a humble mail but didn’t get any response till yesterday. Well, accept the fact, you are going to Kerala all alone.. I had somehow convinced myself.

Then today happened, and I got a reply. I was told there’s some company in Chennai and talks are on. I went to meet the ‘in chage’ Prof who introduced me to Mash. Mash is a new faculty in the Civil Department and he has become quite famous all of a sudden. I was happy he was the one who is getting me summer intern. But then you know what, Chennai? Somehow something sounds wrong.. Here I even don’t know the name of the company.. it’s still ‘some’ company.

Who cares? I think I still have both options given I already have one letter which allows me to leave for Cochin in June. Good for me!

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