Saif Driving

Saif Ali Khan reportedly knocked off a thirteen year old kid yesterday in Mumbai while driving [Read details]. But hey, notice this. This guy did not run away from the spot (as most of them do) without even a salaam-namaste. Instead, he got out from his Lexus, took the injured kid to a nearby hospital, called his relatives and then went to the nearest Police Station himself to register a case for an accident and then of course got arrested and later released on bail. He even tested negative for alcohol! Wow! (I guess however that in case he had been high on alcohol, he would never have done at the first place, whatever he did after the accident. 😉 )

Kudos to Saif!

P.S: Here’s a caricature of this actor that I had made some time back:

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@ Geetali

I assume that the ‘cool’ was for the caricature. Thank you so much!

You have great poems in you blog…keep it up!

If someone would ask me to rate this actor, I would like to give him 3 on 10 but this whole incidence shows he is not that bad as I thought.
I never have tried my hand on caricatures,though

Good work Amrit!

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