Stop it! Stop it for God’s sake.

Whats wrong with the Economic Times and for that matter with the ToI ? Go read this.

And tell me now what the hell is wrong with these guys? Here I loose one more fellow IITian and all they want to prove is that IIT’s are the worst place on this earth. Look at the topic: ‘Stressed’ IIT-ian commits suicide! It really sucks. Who asked them to conclude things so fast? Who confirmed that he was really stressed and that’s why he committed suicide? Police? No. His friends? No. His family? No. But still, just based on speculations, these guys at the ET didn’t think twice before framing a topic like this. This is the limit!

Just to sell few thousand more copies, they will write any damn thing well knowing, it might convey wrong meanings.

To all those reading this space, I would like to assure you, as an IITian, that please don’t be bothered by such news. IIT’s are the coolest place on earth and here you learn how to face stress because ‘pressure’ is made a part of your life. But then the system is definitely flexible enough for you to adjust yourself at your own pace. And no one can possibly jump from a building in second year before a chemistry paper. I just don’t buy this! At least I will wait for the final report to come, before I say more. But look at these guys, they have no patience! iit kanpur murder suicide latest mechanical nagpur chemistry student kills dies recent

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I said, this is the place where you learn how to take stress! This is the learning ground. And all those who want to shout to the world that this place is killing people, should SHUT UP.

Agreed on all counts … I really doubt if its a suicide .. for a chem paper!!!!
Like I replied in my blog its more of the media attitude towards the people… and yes, I guess in this case trying to find fault with the system…


Good advice!


Don’t say that, because then I am sure on a lot of Prof’s ‘HIT-LIST’!

The stress does exist, atleast in academia. It would be wrong to ignore it.
(Dont trust me. I am an elekite :P)

i dont think student after joining IIT might take up any stress as they already undergo so much of tension and stress to get through the entrance….

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