A dick shun : So?

Any IITian who plays Quake or CS or for that matter any comp-game and who as well cares to read The Economic Times possibly couldn’t have missed this catchy bit of gyaan put up today on its front page: Computer games as addictive as marijuana. Wow! As if we didn’t know already!

I tried to look for an online link for the same on the ET website. But damn these guys! They want you to have an Indiatimes Id to be able to visit their e-paper ( so proudly stating that an Indiatimes membership is ‘currently free’). How can they expect the surfers to register for any damn thing that’s FREE? That age is sure gone now.

I quickly moved to google news and finally got a relevant link that stated the same news.

And now the discussion: Is addiction really that bad a thing to worry about? Aren’t most of us addicted to something or another most of the times? Addiction comes from love for something, right? And love is such a good thing, isn’t it? Then why is it any kind of addiction seen with such a FU@&%NG-ADDICTION-SUCKS attitude?

(Amrit realizes something suddenly: He has lately been ‘addicted’ to blogging! When not keyboarding down his own blog, he is going through other’s blogs; blogs of people he knows to blogs of people he has never heard about; blogs updated almost daily to blogs which get published once in two annoying years; blog A to blog Z all the way through B, C, D, E… and then back to blog A, just to check if anything new has been put up. HE IS ADDICTED! The good thing is he doesn’t care.)

(And then he realizes something else: End sems!! 2 more day to go! To do hell with blogging. 😐 Someone seen his class-notes?)

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Dude …. I have come to chennai and yet to find ppl who play CS and Warcraft and Smoke up .. ….

So If u know anyone plzzzzz lemme me…..

To bypass websites that require compulsory free registration, use

Computer games as addictive as marijuana? I cannot say. Because I know only one of those two addictions and that doesnt need nimble fingers.


Well well well…I haven’t tasted marijuana even myself (no plans for future as well) but still I can feel how addictive these games are.

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